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2019 / 2020
on Southern monuments, myths, and histories
by David Kirkland Garner

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RHSTO 2020 version

for wind ensemble, wind quintet, archival sound, and solo euphonium


Recorded by the Atlas Ensemble directed by Nathan Tucker:  Lauren Vaughn, flutes; Amelia Wingard, oboes; Steve Christ, clarinets; Ryan Rikola, bassoons; Bryce Richardson, contrabassoon; Yi-Chia Tu & Matt Castner, saxophones; Dakota Corbliss, horns; Demondrae Thurman, euphonium and trombones; Chase Garner, tuba; and Bailey Seabury & Jesse Willis, percussion

1 Monument-prelude

2 Long winds

3 Down in Alabama

4 Short winds

5 Woodman, spare that tree

6 Distress

7 Longest day

8 Lonely chair

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