Forward/Still (2012)

for Flute/ alto flute, tenor sax, piano, percussion, soprano, and violin - 10'


Forward : toward or at a place, point, or time in advance; onward; ahead; toward the front; into view or consideration; transmit; onward; out; forth; ahead; to advance or help onward; directed toward a point in advance; moving ahead; onward; being in a condition of advancement; onward; ahead; to advance or help onward; well-advanced; ready, prompt, or eager; presumptuous, impertinent, or bold; ahead; situated in the front or forepart; to send forward; transmit; directed toward a point in advance; ready, prompt, or eager; well-advanced; ahead; presumptuous, impertinent, or bold; to advance or help onward; to send forward; transmit; promote


Still : peaceful; nevertheless; remaining in place or at rest; and yet; but yet; motionless; stationary; subdued or low in sound; hushed; free from turbulence or commotion; peaceful; yet; tranquil; calm; without waves or perceptible current; even then; nonetheless; nevertheless; not flowing, as water; stationary; stillness or silence; hushed; up to this or that time; as yet; stationary; subdued or low in sound; even; in the future as in the past; even; in addition; yet; even then; yet; nevertheless; and yet; tranquil; but yet; even; nevertheless; to silence or hush; calm; to calm, appease; yet; to quiet; subdue, or cause to subside; even; to become still or quiet; subdued or low in sound; but yet; nonetheless; even with everything considered; and yet


Zenzic (2015)

for soprano sax, clarinet, and two pianos  - 15'


Zenzic is a mathematical term relating to the square of a number. I chose this term for the title because of how the opening musical material, a 15-beat syncopated chord progression, spins out in an exponential manner. This pattern repeats, shifts, repeats, accumulates, repeats, and gradually morphs into new terrain.  

Glasz (2013)

for flute, piano, percussion, and violin - 13'


Like a mirage, this is not a color that can be assigned a specific reference in the living world. The color is more subtle, more fickle and more magical than that. Sometimes, surround by blue, the color appears green. Add a little yellow to the picture, and it goes ever so slightly grey. In the light of the day, the color will appear more blue, but still, not exactly. Not exactly green, or blue, or grey, Glasz changes it’s mood and demeanor in much the same way as the living world.


Miracles...not math (2010)

for double bass and harp - 10'


Miracles… not math is written for my friends Megan Levin and Shawn Conley. The title is taken from Mike Huckabee when he was running in the GOP primaries in 2008. When a reporter told him that it was statistically impossible to win the primaries, Huckabee replied that he did not major in math, he majored inmiracles and believed he could still win. Even though ridiculous at the time, this quote stuck with me. It seems an appropriate title both for the bass and harp sound and for Megan and Shawn, who are miraculous people. The piece is in two parts. The first is a fantasy, with melodic and textural fragments recurring throughout the movement and the second part is aria-esque with the bass singing the melody.