on Southern monuments, myths, and histories
for mezzo-soprano, wind ensemble, wind quintet, archival sound and film 
by David Kirkland Garner


I started this blog in December, 2017 when I began the research that eventually became this piece (and website!). Since then I have posted updates on the piece and with information on the research I was doing. A lot of the information on recent posts is now found with some updates on the research page of this site. I will continue to post with updates on the rehearsal process and performance, and in to the future as the work develops  and takes on a life of its own!

March 29, 2019

Yesterday, The State newspaper here in Columbia, SC published an op-ed I wrote about Red hot sun turning over and making art around Confederate monuments. 


March 27, 2019

Thanks to Patrick Wall for the nice blurb on Red hot sun turning over in the Columbia Free Times. Hopefully folks will come out on Sunday and check out the piece! 

Red hot sun turning over: on Southern myths, monuments, and histories finds composer David Kirkland Garner (he of the excellent...

March 27, 2019

UofSC writer Megan Sexton wrote a nice story on Red hot sun turning over for the UofSC today website! Included in the nice write-up is a short slideshow video with pictures from rehearsal and an excerpt from the beginning of 11. MONUMENT (Short winds)


February 25, 2019

This past weekend I attended a wonderful conference at the University of Richmond titled "Contested Frequencies: Sonic Representation in the Digital Age." I learned so much from all of the papers and activities, capped off by a fascinating lecture/performance by Guy Ramsey (U Penn). My cont...

February 18, 2019

An update on the film aspect of the piece! Now that I have turned in the score and parts, I am turning my focus to developing the website and also editing together the film footage that will accompany the piece. The MONUMENTs will have slideshows showing the data that I am sonifying. The IN...

February 18, 2019

The ensemble is going to begin rehearsals for the March 31 concert tomorrow. I cant wait for them to start putting this big work together! Below is an "ingredients list" for each of the 16 movements. I do not go into detail about how all of these elements come together, but I hope this...

February 7, 2019

It is a bit hard for me to believe, but I managed to finish this piece (the music at least, still work to do on the video component!). I turned in the score and parts today and I am really excited for the UofSC Wind Ensemble, Scott Weiss, and Rachel Calloway to start rehearsing later this m...

February 7, 2019


Stamped from the beginning: The definitive history of racist ideas in America

  • Antiracists should stop connecting selfishness to racism, and unselfishness to antiracism. Altruism is wanted, but not required. Antiracists do not have to altruistic. Antiracists do not have to be selfles...

February 7, 2019


Whose Heritage? Public Symbols of the Confederacy

Scene on Radio: Seeing White

  • [John Biewen] And to come back to the big theme of the project: whiteness. There's a tendency to think that human beings looked around at some point in the distant past and said, well, let's se...

February 3, 2019

This project, Red hot sun turning overis nearly complete, at least in this first stage for the premiere. I am currently finishing up edits on the score and parts to turn in to the UofSC wind ensemble and conductor Scott Weiss, so that they can begin rehearsing for the March 31 concert in...

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